Made in Spain: The Andre Assous Espadrille

Made in Spain: The Andre Assous Espadrille

Welcome to Spain, homeland of Flamenco, some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and the original espadrille. We took a tour of our design facilities in Caravaca and met with the expert crafters that hand sew each Andre Assous shoe. We invite you to see how we’ve been making shoes for over forty years.

The Andre Assous Original Espadrille features a combination of materials including jute which is used to make the espadrille, genuine suede and leather which make the uppers, and soft canvas and elastic which are used for ankle support.

To better design our shoes we split our production into two separate family-owned and run factories, that have been passing their skills down for generations. The first factory uses traditional techniques to produce beautiful jute espadrilles while the other uses care and precision to produce leather uppers. Between the two facilities, there are only 15 workers each of who oversees a specific task in the assembly line. Upon meeting with them it was easy to understand that this is more than just a job, it’s a life-long passion.

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We start the manufacturing process with the espadrille bottom. Large threaders braid the jute to make it thicker and sturdier. Since this particular step requires the help of a machine, it is carefully observed by 1-2 workers to make sure everything meets our high standards. Miles and miles of jute go through these machines every day!

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Once the jute is ready, it’s time to design the espadrille sole. The espadrille rope is spun on a hand-operated turntable while the crafter stitches the sole with the help of an oversized needle and scissors. A different mold is used for each shoe size ensuring that even though the shoes are handmade, the final product will fit. This classic technique is very important to the Andre legacy.

Once the espadrille is bound together it is put into another mold which compresses the sole securing the jute in place. Finally, the espadrille is carefully positioned into a final metal mold which attaches a rubber sole to the bottom.

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The finished espadrilles are packed and transported to the next factory, which specializes in leather and canvas uppers. The leatherworker carefully and accurately shapes the leather by hand using precision tools, then each cut-out is handed to a seamstress who sews the uppers and backs.

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A foot mold is placed into each shoe to make sure the sizes are consistent. The manager of the factory oversees the final product and if the quality of the shoe is not up to par, it is discarded. The final step involves another pressure machine which ensures the shoe does not unravel, and the threads stay in place.

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Our commitment to quality and tradition is ongoing, as is our factories’ pride and passion for footwear. Together we design timeless espadrilles in an assortment of colors to match your unique lifestyle.