About Us

Rich in history, André Assous is known for crafting timeless and innovative designs that remain distinctive, while evolving with the modern world, established as an enduring influence in the world of fashion. André Assous, fortified his name in footwear payable to his consistently fresh designs. Thinking creatively over decades in the industry, Assous cemented a brand which is now synonymous with quality handcrafted Espadrilles, while continuing to broaden the variety of styles to include flats, wedges, boots and sneakers. Today, our brand stays at the cutting edge with innovative craftsmanship throughout all approaches and adaptions of these designs.


The Origin of The Original Espadrille®

From the 1970s when André Assous brought the Espadrille from European fashion into the American market, he continued to evolve the style that stands the test of time today. What was once a straightforward closed toe style has evolved into trendy wedges, slip-ons, and strappy designs with embellishments in playful colors, shiny metallics, and premium leathers.


Timeless Footwear of Unwavering Quality

The region of Catalonia evokes many things: from the foothills of the Pyrenees to the warm waters of the Mediterranean, from dancing in Barcelona nightclubs to strolling the medieval squares of Tarragona in a pair of beautiful espadrilles. Staying true to the roots of this centuries-old style, our Original Espadrille® is still hand-sewn in Spain with impeccable attention to detail using high quality traditional jute.