andre assous novalee elastic sandal beach

Meet the Family

You're going away and we get it: you want to pack fashionable shoes that can multi-task throughout your stay and support your feet without adding bulk to your bag. It just so happens that we're all about that life. Meet the Nice and her (extended!) family below.

The Niceandre assous denim nice sandalNice in Denim and Niri in Red:andre assous elastic nice sandal comfort

The Nice is our firstborn. She starts with an elastic band around the mid-section of the foot, which we decorate in an assortment of prints and colors. (Denim is our newest colorway). Dual leather thong straps in tan are sewn onto the band and come down through the toe area. A little embellishment adds a bit of bling along the way.

Then, one of the most important parts of the sandal: the sole. Your foot comes in contact with a leather layer that covers a cushioned insole; we used rubber on the outsole for shock absorption. The sole measures to 1" at the heel and then tapers to a flatter end at the toe--so it isn't completely flat, which would pose a strain on backs.

The Novaleeandre assous novalee elastic sandal multicolor

With the recurrent sole, mid-foot elastic band and thong strap, it's pretty clear Nice and Novalee are sisters. But this second-born sandal also took inspo from her cousin Niri, who loves all things fringe, by displaying a contrasting tuft of it down the thong strap.

The Nancyandre assous nancy elastic sandal silver

The youngest sister of the trio, Nancy showcases the features that run in the family. But two leather tassels have been sewn to the top of her elastic band, offering a hint of movement--something the Nice family has never seen before.

The Nigellaandre assous nigella navy blue elastic comfort sandal

Nigella was born shortly after her cousin, Nice. They share the same ultra-comfy sole (as does the rest of the clan) and her streamlined elastic bands bear a resemblance to that of her cousin. However, Nigella forges her own path with a two-strap silhouette along with a slingback strap in back. (Nigella, s top rhyming!) 

The Niriandre assous niri sandal redEnter Niri, fringe-loving and full of life, she wanted to follow in her sister's footsteps but still maintain some individuality. And she pulled it off just fine with a horizontal row of same-color fringe at the first strap. We love how she looks in this season's red!