andre assous laetia espadrille sandal pink

New Espadrilles for Any Occasion

Here at Andrè Assous, espadrilles our are thing--we love the summery jute-wrapped style. Because comfort and style are important to us, we go to great lengths to make our shoes super comfy, too. Here are some of the newest to arrive:


andre assous laetia espadrille wedge black suede

Perfect for the new season, the Laetia takes style to a new level. A dainty ankle strap, suede bow over the toes and a small cut-out showcasing the back of the heel make this pair undeniably feminine. A soft square toe adds the retro touch we love so much.


This new espadrille reminds us a lot of the fan-favorite Reese. They both sit on a similar sole: jute-wrapped with a 3.75" heel and a nice-sized platform base to prevent feet from overextending at the arch. A ridged rubber outsole with a slight upward curve at the toe and arch allow increased comfort and movement.

The difference lies mostly in the areas supported and style. With an elastic band at the front of the ankle, the Charlee better supports forward movements, while Reese's elastic band in back ensures a better fit for overall support.

As for looks, both are equally sleek and stylish. Both styles are also featured in neutral, pair-with-everything colors, although the Charlee comes in more metallic variations.

andre assous espadrille wedge platform silver summer


The Cadence, a sparkling leather braided sandal, could very well be the extra glam aunt of Niri and Nigella. See the resemblance? This hit espadrille sandal provides support with two mid-foot straps, an elastic slingback in back, and a comfy platform demi-wedge, so feel free to wear it all day and then all night too!