andre assous dainty espadrille

Our Espadrille Styles

Here at Andrè Assous, we're known for our espadrilles. They've been hand-sewn in Spain with special attention to quality and craftsmanship. Naturally, we carry numerous makes and models of this beloved warm-weather shoe. As we enter resort season, we'll break down some of the main espadrille styles we design at the moment.


The Elastic 

andre assous dainty espadrille wedge

Shown: The Dainty

andre assous reese espadrille wedge

Shown: The Reese

Comfort, comfort, comfort. We're all about the walkability of the classic espadrille, and we decided to incorporate elastic strips onto the model for extra on-the-go mobility, ease and attitude.

The Slip On

andre assous cici espadrille wedge navy

Shown: The Cici

We went ahead and gave the original espadrille a slip on design to maximize effortlessness and ease. You'll be able to rush out of the house quickly, but still in impeccable style with these sassy shoes.